Why Window Tinting is Not a DIY-Type Product

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Installing Window Tinting for Businesses LA
Although the California sun offers us some of the most tantalizing weather and scenery in the world, it can also cause some unpleasant consequences. Damage to material possessions, excessive heating, and more importantly, to the human body, can result from sun exposure. Fortunately, window tinting can provide a protective barrier from the less desirable aspects of these rays. Although independent individuals seeking window tinting may hope to tackle this project alone, we have some very important reasons not to attempt it yourself.

Want a Rebate?

Many utility companies and government organizations offer monetary incentives to “green” your industrial building or home. Because window film reduces your necessary energy expenditures, it may render you eligible for a hefty rebate. However, this offer almost certainly comes with an important caveat: an approved, licensed contractor must do the work.

Why must they be so difficult? You may research all of their particular guidelines, follow them with precision, and do a decent job on the project yourself. However, many people will not be so diligent. If companies do not insist that a licensed expert do the job, some individuals will duct tape some tin foil on their windows and call it “tinting.” Only by carefully controlling who is allowed to do the procedure can they be certain that government laws are being obeyed. Happily, by encouraging customers to seek professional help, these companies help the rest of us to avoid looking at unsightly DIY jobs that lower the value (and view quality) of our surrounding property.

Want a Warranty?

Again, a company can only warranty the labor on a project if they have actually performed the labor. No matter how talented and handy you are, they will simply not be able to warranty your handiwork. Tinting is actually a difficult process to perfect, and if it bubbles or damages your windows, you will not have saved any money by having avoided installation costs. Even if they warranty the film itself, if they are able to show that you may have applied it improperly, you will likely be stuck with the replacement cost.

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