Why Security Window Films Are a Good Idea for Homeowners

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Your home is your sanctuary, and you should feel safe and secure in your sanctuary. While windows are a benefit in the home–allowing in natural light and a view to the outside–they also pose one of the greater security risks in your home. Protect your family against home invasion or natural disasters by using security window film. Window film also provides other energy-saving benefits for your home.

Protection Against Invasion and Disasters

Window film is placed over your existing windows and keeps them from shattering from natural or human forces. Windows pose a danger in natural disasters like an earthquake or hurricane-type winds. Individuals can be seriously injured by flying glass from shattered windows. Window film binds the broken parts of a window together, so even if the window breaks, shards of glass will not fly about and pose a threat to those inside. Window film also deters home invaders. Many home invasions are of the smash-and-grab variety, a job that needs to be done quickly. It is fairly easy to smash a regular window to gain access to a home, but with protective window film, it is much more difficult to shatter the window and make a viable entry. Someone trying to gain quick access is not likely going to stick around and try to figure out how to get through the window.

Other Benefits

Installing window films provide other great benefits for homeowners. Window film, while not necessarily changing the appearance of the windows, can deflect heat away from the home while still allowing in all the natural light. This can significantly cut down on cooling costs in hot weather. Window film can also protect those indoors from harmful UV rays from the sun. If you prefer to have tinted windows, tinted film is available in different shades. You can talk with a professional about what type of window film would work best for your particular situation.

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