What Are Window Films Made Of?

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There are many different types of window films available. Many of these products have specific applications in mind and a set of attributes and material components based on these uses. For example, car window film is slightly different than interior, patterned window film. All of these share certain qualities, however, and are generally created using the super material, polyester. We have found that our window film is a product that people love to know more about.

The Process

Window film’s main component is polyester. Synthetic polymers and polyester weren’t created until the 20th century, when strides were made in polycondensation reactions. Polymer chemistry and the creation of plastics has made the modern age what it is, as many of our products, like water bottles, plastic bags, and electronic product cases, are all made out of some type of polymer. Window film is synthesized using polymer as a base and a number of other ingredients to make it more impenetrable by UV rays and heat. The reason polyester is used for window film is that it can be made in extremely thin but flexible pieces. These don’t warp easily—they shrink minimally over time and keep their texture. Polymer can be clear and without any internal imperfections that would make it difficult to see through.

The Final Product

Chemicals and minerals can be added to the polyester mixture to create decorative window films with different colors and patterns. Window films also call for an adhesive to attach it to the backside of glass. The adhesive and window film together will keep glass from shattering, as it’s reinforced and holds together the glass’s structure. Special reinforced window film, often called security film, can be used specifically for this purpose. Many residential and commercial windows have window film both for the reduction of UV rays getting in and the added safety that results from having glass that won’t break off if someone is trying to break in.

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