Window Films Offer UV Protection

Undoubtedly, you have furniture in your home and workplace that is made from valuable materials and might even have fun, vibrant patterns. These pieces are fun to look at and contribute to the overall feel of your home. Surely you’ve seen textiles fade after sitting in the sun day after day. Did you know that installing a window film is one of the best ways you can avoid fading?

UV rays alone account for 40% of fading. Unfortunately, these effects cannot be reversed and this is why you need to take action now to protect your investments.

We mostly think about home furnishings fading from the sun but light can also fade carpets, hardwood floors and even marble. Talk to us about how our products will help you.

High-Quality Solutions

Your home and workplace are the places you spend the most time. Doesn’t it make sense to spend money on a solution that is high quality and that will last? Don’t throw your furniture away; instead, make a one-time investment in window films and enjoy the benefits for many more years to come.

At Select Window Films, Inc., we only offer high-quality materials because we have your best interest in mind. Our line of products includes name brands and the best of the best from the industry. Our consultants are knowledgeable about the different products we offer, and we can offer you our professional advice at your consultation. Feel free to ask us about the differences between the products, so you can make an informed decision.

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