Think You Know a Lot about Window Tints? Quiz Yourself!

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Whether you have already had window tints applied or are just considering having it done, you have likely done in-depth research on the subject. You are the epitome of an educated consumer, and the world-wide web offers adequate commentary on tints. Unfortunately, much of the information is outdated or false, making the search difficult. Although you have probably sorted through it and now deserve an honorary doctorate in the field, take our two-question quiz to find out if you have really earned that imaginary diploma.

True or false? Window films prevent interior fading by darkening rooms

Okay, we may have given that one away, but window films can actually filter out almost 100% of destructive UV rays, which are responsible for 40% of the fading occurring over time in carpets and upholstery, without significantly changing the level of light. If you are concerned about facing a depressing home, you do not want one that is devoid of the bright colors that used to inhabit it before the sun bleached them into oblivion. Worse, you might eventually face a bill for new furniture, as UV rays can completely destroy fabric and other materials.

True or false? Having window tints applied is expensive

Tinting film is not expensive to install and significantly reduces utility bills and damage to the interior of your building, and it may even get you a nice tax credit or rebate as well. With all of these benefits, it can actually pay for itself. How many other purchases do that?

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