Let in the Light, not the Heat with Window Tinting

Windows let light into your home and offer beautiful views, but the UV and Infrared rays can cause hot spots and severe fading to your home furnishings. Window films are designed to reject solar heat, reduce fading, and they also add a valuable layer or protection to your home by strengthening glass.

You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t want window films because they aren’t pretty and everyone can tell we have them.” Even a few years ago, you would’ve been right, however, we now have products that can control the sun without changing the look, view, or feel of your home.

Forget about Those Hot Spots

Think about the air flow in your home for a minute. Is there a particular room or area of a room that never gets cool because of the streaming sunlight? Believe it or not, this is a common complaint of homeowners. Window films can offer a refuge from the heat and eliminate those extra hot spots. The film adds a layer and breaks up the sun’s rays. You get less heat and your air conditioning can work efficiently once again.

Money Back in Your Pocket

Energy savings is a huge benefit after installing window films. Saved energy means more money in your pocket. Your AC will work efficiently and won’t have to run around-the-clock anymore. You’ll save on utility bills and enjoy a comfortable home.

Over the years, there’s been various legislation for tax credits for those who install window films. We stay up to date on this information for our customers. If you are wondering if you qualify for a tax credit or rebate, please contact us directly.

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