Quick Facts about Window Film: Energy Savings and Personal Protection

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Window Films reduce Energy usageWindow film, which has been around since the 1960’s, has come a long way.  Now it is possible to make windows energy conservers, UV ray screeners, and safety barriers.  When used on residences and commercial buildings, you will spend less and save more energy in your efforts to maintain a comfortable environment.  Windows films are a boost to your finances and to the environment.

Window film in residential and commercial applications provides an easy, inexpensive solution for businesses and homeowners to quickly reduce their energy costs, contribute energy savings to the global goals of environmental conservation, and enhance the safety and security of occupants and furnishings.

Quick facts about window films:

  • Cut heat gain through your windows by as much as 80%
  • Films available in wide range of colors from crystal clear through very dark, reflective or non-reflective
  • Residential customers can cut utility bills by as much as 12%
  • Every 16 feet of window film applied equates to energy savings that equal one barrel of oil per year
  • Every 100 square foot of window film applied to windows equates to approximately 1 ton of air conditioning
  • Commercial applications typically see return on investment (ROI) of 6 months – 3 years depending on film selection and glass types.

Protection & Comfort:

  • UV Radiation is cut by up to 99.9%
  • Natural light can fully illuminate a living or working space without the threat of skin and retina damage from the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Fading and sun damage caused by UV, heat and visible light can be greatly reduced
  • Select window films can cut heat, UV and glare without darkening a room
  • With window film you can sit next to the bright window and enjoy the sun without the concerns of it damaging rays.
  • Window films greatly improve the strength of glass and add a protective layer between you and a broken window.
  • Security films can deter burglars from breaking through a window and hold broken glass together protecting you from glass shards.
  • Heavier security films are even capable of helping to greatly reduce injury from flying glass in bomb blasts.

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