One Way You Never Thought of to Stop Graffiti

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Window films provide superior protection again UV rays, add some personalization to your home, and help increase privacy in your home or workplace. However, besides these important benefits, you can also protect against graffiti with special films meant for both glass and other types of surfaces. Here’s what you need to know about these special coatings.

Graffitti and Glass

Not only does graffiti quickly reduce the aesthetic appeal of a neighborhood, it can be costly for homeowners, business owners, governments, and other concerned citizens to remove. Paint on windows can easily be removed; the bigger problem with glass and graffiti is when they are etched with acid, scratched, or carved. Obviously, this type of damage cannot simply be erased. Most property owners end up replacing the entire window because of the damage, with no assurance that the same perpetrators won’t return and ruin the brand new windows. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your glass from permanent damage even if they are tagged again.

Protecting Your Windows

Since windows are not an inexpensive investment, you want some assurances that tagging will not destroy them. Fortunately, we offer a product designed for glass and mirrors that can reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to prematurely replace windows due to graffiti. This window film is made of a thin, yet durable material that is specifically designed to protect the glass from harmful effects of graffiti. The film is multi-ply 4 and 6 millimeter thickness that will protect your window and can easily be replaced after tagging for a fraction of the cost of new windows. In addition, you won’t even notice a decline in visibility because the films are ultra-clear and cause no distortion. The cost of installing this type of film is significantly less than replacing the window.

If you’re having a problem with graffiti or just want to take precautionary measures, call us today to learn how our products and professional installation can help.

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