How Window Tinting Can Benefit Your Home or Office

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Windows do much more than just provide a pretty view and allow the sun to shine through. Did you know that window tinting (window films) can actually protect you, your furniture, and your belongings from harmful UV rays? Tinted windows also offers excellent energy savings. Read on as we list some of the benefits of window films for your home or business.

Fight the Fading: Protective Window Films

Have you ever noticed the fading of framed photos on your wall or the material on your sofa? This is due to the sun’s powerful penetration. Fading occurs when ultraviolet rays break down the chemical bonds in an object, bleaching the colors. With a protective window film, the film absorbs and blocks damaging UV rays, which will prolong the life of your furnishings. It also keeps your delicate skin protected when you lounge in the sun pouring in through your beautiful windows.

Protective window films can also reduce the risk of window damage during high winds and even the jarring earthquakes that frequent Los Angeles. They also make glass stronger if a burglar is trying to break in.

Say Hello to Energy Savings

Do you have a room in your home or office that never seems to stay cool, no matter how much the AC is running? Chances are you have a hotspot due to the heat pouring in through your windows. With window tinting, an extra layer is added that rejects the sun’s rays, allowing less heat into your house.

Not only will your house feel cooler and more comfortable during our hot Los Angeles heat waves, but you’ll notice a huge difference in your utility bills. Window films save you money, which is only one more reason why they are so beneficial.

When it comes to the windows in your home or office, consider the benefits of professional window tinting. Feel free to contact our experts at Select Window Films, Inc. to learn more.

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