How Technologically Advanced Are Window Films?

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You may have heard more in recent years about the many advantages of window films on residential or commercial buildings. Two of the greatest advantages are greater energy efficiency and protecting furnishings from sun damage. But most people are unfamiliar with the actual technology that makes these films so beneficial. Once you understand how technologically advanced these windows films are, you will begin to see how installing them on your home or business can help in numerous ways.


Window film is made of high-quality polyester that is so clear that there is no distortion when looking through a window no matter the time of day. Not only is this polyester durable and resistant, its composition actually helps hold a broken window together to reduce the likelihood of injury should a window get broken. The film can be manufactured in numerous sizes and shapes so that it will work on virtually any window in a building. In addition, the coating’s formula uses acrylics and an ultraviolet curing system to create a hard, scratch resistant surface that can stand up to cleaning and typical wear and tear.


When considering window films, many people are concerned because of something they noticed about older window film technology–peeling and cracking coatings. Fortunately, current window coating technology has developed an adhesive system that actually bonds the film to the window chemically, making it much more durable, effective, and longer lasting than older mechanical bonding methods.

UV Blocker

Since UV protection is one of the major advantages that leads people to have window films installed, we pride ourselves in the superior quality of UV protection that our films provide. This is especially important in our sunny California climate. The technology is so advanced that 99.9% of UVB and UVA rays are blocked before entering the home. This significantly increases the life span of your decor and furnishings. Additionally, keeping excess heat and UV rays out of the home helps to lower energy bills.

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