How Solar Window Films Keep out Heat but Not Light

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Window Films Keep Heat Out Saving energy in your home is beneficial all around. Not only does saving energy benefit the environment, but it benefits your wallet as well. Have you ever been surprised at how high your cooling costs are in the summer months? If you live in a climate that is warm year-round and very hot in the summer, you know that cooling costs can be astronomical. There are many things you can do to your home to make it more efficient. One great cost effective way is to look into solar window film in Beverly Hills.

What Is Solar Window Film?

Solar window film is becoming more and more efficient and attractive. Most solar window films that individual homeowners can buy are easy to put up on your own. They are made out of a lightweight, self-adhesive material. All you will need is a sharp utility knife, a straight edge, a measuring tape, a wet sponge, and a squeegee or straight-edged piece of plastic like a credit card in order to get the bubbles out of the film as you apply it to your windows. Commercial window film can be installed by a professional, as it will often include many more windows than a typical home. Solar film is designed in a way to allow light to pass through, while blocking UV rays and heat from the sun. This way you still benefit from natural light, but do not have to worry about heating your home or business up like an oven when the sun is pouring through your windows.

Types of Film

There are different kinds of solar window film that you can buy. You want to be sure that you choose the right option for your situation and environment. You can buy dark or tinted window film that will absorb heat and light from the sun; however, these are not the best option for a very hot climate because they cause absorbed heat to radiate into the room. Reflective, shiny film will reflect the heat back outside and actually brighten the light coming through the window. These films do not block light but can make the natural light brighter. Because these films reflect the heat back outside away from the home, they are ideal for hot and mild climates.

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