How Safety Window Films Can Keep Your Family Safe

November 7th, 2014 | By | Posted in Uncategorized

Window Films prevent shatteringDo you live near a park, school or golf course?  Or maybe you live in a neighborhood with kids playing ball in the street.  Ever have a ball come through your window?  If so you know that a lot more than just the ball comes flying through the window.  The glass in the window turns into jagged flying shards that are capable of causing serious injury.   In fact, most people that get injured from such an incident are not injured by the ball but rather the glass that comes flying through.

Window films can solve this problem!

With window film installed on your windows if a ball hits the glass it will most likely bounce off or in worst case scenarios it will break the glass and possibly even come through.  The difference is if the ball comes through the window with film installed the glass will remain in the window opening and not scattered through your home.  The film provides a protective barrier that helps to hold the glass intact.  For even better protection you can use a safety film which is specifically designed to hold glass together in the event of this type of incident as well as during earthquakes or attempted burglaries.  The safety film creates a strong barrier that holds glass in place after impact.

Protect your family and loved ones as well as your home with window films, it’s a smart investment.

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