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Decorative window films allow you to block views of unsightly things through your windows while beatifying your home or office.  These films can be used on interior glass as well as exterior glass.  In residential settings often time an interior glass application would be to cover a glass door or room dividing window for privacy.  Exterior window uses are typically to add privacy to bathrooms, bedrooms and entry windows that are exposed to neighbors or other areas where people could look in.  Commercial applications can be anything from company logos and signage to decorative coatings between offices or on conference rooms etc.

Lots of people have seen the basic white frost film which is very popular and gets used the majority of the time.  This is a very versatile film and can be used to completely cover the glass or it could have a pattern allowing some areas to be clear and other to be frosted.

In this picture we show a frosted glass rail that was in front of a home.

Here is a picture of a more decorative application of the same frost film:

In addition to this we can do virtually any pattern, texture, color, etc.  Here are some pictures of other decorative film installations:

This is just a small sampling of what is readily available.  There are many other choices and custom patterns and designs can always be done.  With decorative window films the sky is the limit! We install decorative window films in Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, and the surrounding Los Angeles areas.

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