Are All Window Tinting Companies the Same?

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Window tinting provides a wide range of benefits for both residential homes and commercial buildings. In the Santa Monica area, one of the attractions is that tinted windows can significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning by filtering the intensity of sunlight.

One of the challenges facing homeowners or businesses wanting high-quality window films is finding the right company to apply them.

Look for Experience

As with virtually any type of service, one of the best ways to find a reputable company is to look for experience. There are many vendors willing to apply window films for a fee, but often they have a limited background. If you are considering window tinting, ask about the company’s track record and how long it has been applying window films.

Seek Quality

All window films are not equal. The type of window film you get from a top-grade commercial installer will be of much higher quality than the kind you can get at the local hardware store. Low-quality window tinting typically uses inferior low cost UV inhibitors and dyes that will breakdown quickly resulting in your film not performing as it was advertised.  These films typically lose most of their abilities within 1-3 years and might not block out harmful UV rays. They might also fail to provide the security and protection you need in the event of an accident or disaster. You should also ask about warranties and workmanship guarantees.

Ask About Selection

Window films come in a dizzying array of colors, designs, textures, and styles. And just because you want a decorative look does not mean you must forego safety or UV protection.

Ask About Energy Savings

A reputable window tinting company should be able to provide energy analysis for you showing the estimated energy savings and return on investment time for commercial applications.

Do You Trust Them?

In the end, you need to feel secure about the company you have selected to do your window tinting. You need to believe that you can trust them in your home or office and that they will do all that they promise.

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