4 Ways to Block the Summer Heat from Your Windows

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When it comes to the summer sun, we all love the opportunity to open up our windows and let the sunshine in. Studies have shown that sunshine can increase oxygen in your blood, boost your immune system, cleanse the blood and blood vessels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and help you overcome forms of depression. Although we love the light it brings to light up our homes, we not be as thrilled with the heat that it brings in. To resolve this, we’ve tried numerous ways to block out the heat while enjoying the sunshine: blinds, drapes, awnings, and solar film.


There are lots of different kinds of blinds: Venetian, Roman, roller, vertical, and more. You can choose which type to hang in your home by how much shade you want and what look you prefer in your home. There are also lots of materials to choose from, such as bamboo, wood, plastic, and so on. The only drawback to using blinds is that when you block out the heat, it can also block out the sunshine; however, you can choose the amount of light that you want to let into the room, too.


Drapes are another good option for blocking out the summer heat. Avoid ones that are made from bleached cotton or synthetics. You should also stray from anything that is permanent pressed, stain resistant, or water resistant. For the most protection against the heat, choose heavier materials. Like blinds, drapes can block out the sunshine from the room but are a much more attractive option. You can try lighter colors, but the heat-blocking features may not be as effective.


Awnings are installed on the outside of your home. Like a tree, they shade your window to help keep your home cool. Studies have shown that they can reduce the heat in your home 65-77%. They can also offer you shade and UV protection when you’re outside.

Solar Film

Solar film is the most effective way to keep the heat out without having to sacrifice sunshine. Placing these on your windows, they act like your car tint. They can reflect the sunshine, so the heat doesn’t get into your home but you can still enjoy the light coming through the window. There are also many options to choose from, many of which are neutral color and discreet so they won’t change the way your window appears.

Blocking out the heat can be a great way to decrease your need of your air conditioning unit. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose the right method to reduce the summer heat in your home.

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